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r r o o o love it, love it, loooooove it. i've always wanted 2 watch it
Posted by Guest on Friday, October 19th 2012, 5:49 AM
Absolutely epic episodei i i i
Posted by higherlifef on Thursday, March 29th 2012, 6:53 AM
excuse me "mitsuki" i believe that is called GIVING IT ALL AWAY. jeez louise kid. q
Posted by krisy on Monday, March 5th 2012, 3:23 PM
Posted by Jeff on Monday, February 27th 2012, 6:24 PM
r h h h h loved it
Posted by enas on Wednesday, February 8th 2012, 4:27 AM
Another great episode!!
Posted by Evan on Wednesday, December 7th 2011, 5:42 PM
I am glad I found the programme again. It is wonderful.
Posted by Evan on Sunday, December 4th 2011, 9:00 PM
kepps getting better and better o
Posted by Jim on Sunday, November 27th 2011, 11:39 AM
Need. More. Merlin. *twitch* o
Posted by Alayna on Saturday, November 26th 2011, 3:18 PM
o o o o j it was so cute ahh [
Posted by oran on Thursday, November 3rd 2011, 3:04 AM
another great episode, r it.
Posted by jenny on Sunday, October 23rd 2011, 2:12 PM
Merlin is the best. I love it.
Posted by firewind on Monday, October 17th 2011, 10:18 AM

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S1E2: Valiant
Air Date: Sep 27, 2008
S1E13: Le Morte D'arthur
Air Date: Dec 13, 2008
S4E6: A Servant Of Two Masters
Air Date: Nov 5, 2011
S4E3: The Wicked Day
Air Date: Oct 15, 2011
S1E12: To Kill The King
Air Date: Dec 6, 2008
S4E3: The Wicked Day
Air Date: Oct 15, 2011
S4E6: A Servant Of Two Masters
Air Date: Nov 5, 2011
S4E7: The Secret Sharer
Air Date: Nov 12, 2011
S4E9: Lancelot Du Lac
Air Date: Nov 26, 2011